Pool Stonework

Pool Stonework

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Pool Stonework

Step into a world of refined outdoor living with Golden Landscapes, the distinguished pool builders serving Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Auburn, Alabama, for over 28 years. Our commitment to crafting distinctive swimming pools and captivating pool stonework enhances the allure of every pool, ensuring a uniquely serene outdoor experience.

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Your Dream Pool

At Golden Landscapes, we recognize the desire for spaces that transcend the ordinary. Our pool stonework goes beyond construction; it's a carefully crafted masterpiece, transforming your pool area into an aesthetic retreat that seamlessly blends in with your lifestyle. Each stone contributes to a vision of sophistication and timeless elegance, turning your dream pool into reality.

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Crafting Elegance, One Stone at a Time

We take pride in achieving pool perfection. Our skilled artisans specialize in pool stonework, ensuring that every stone is a deliberate choice to craft quality and functional art. From stylish coping and deck materials to intricate water features, our pool stonework adds a touch of sophistication, bringing luxury to your outdoor space. Your swimming pool becomes a unique reflection of your taste and style with the help of Golden Landscapes.

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Stone Selection

Selecting the right stone for your pool is a nuanced process that requires both aesthetic sensibility and practical considerations. At Golden Landscapes, our Landscape Design degree from Auburn University serves as the foundation for expert guidance in this crucial aspect of pool design.

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Considerations for Timeless Appeal:

  • Style & Aesthetics: The overall style of your pool deck significantly influences its visual appeal. Whether aiming for a sophisticated, modern look with sleek lines or a more rustic, natural feel with earthy tones, each stone choice plays a pivotal role in crafting the desired ambiance.

  • Color Harmony: Natural stone offers a vast palette of colors and combinations. Thoughtful consideration of the color scheme ensures that your chosen stones harmonize with your home, surrounding landscape, and the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.

  • Texture & Surface: The texture of the stone contributes to the look and feel of your pool patio surface. Golden Landscapes offers various options to fit your unique taste.

  • Scale & Size: The size of the stones plays a crucial role in defining the scale and atmosphere of your pool deck. Larger stones can impart a grand feeling to expansive deck spaces, while smaller pieces allow for intricate patterns and a more sophisticated appearance.

  • Slip Resistance: Safety is paramount, especially around pool areas. The slip resistance of your chosen stone is a critical consideration.

By combining our aesthetic expertise with practical considerations, we guide you in selecting stones that endure the test of time, ensuring a pool deck that seamlessly integrates with your surroundings and lifestyle. Whether you aim for a chic, contemporary pool or a timeless, natural retreat, our meticulous approach guarantees enduring appeal and functionality.


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Quality and Collaboration

At Golden Landscapes, we make quality and collaboration simple. With a team backed by a Landscape Design degree and 28+ years of experience, we turn your pool dreams into reality. Engage in a collaborative process where every decision reflects your personality. Our pools, crafted with the best practices and top-notch materials, will stand as enduring masterpieces for years to come.

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Why Choose Us?

At Golden Landscapes, our commitment to excellence extends beyond stone selection. Here's why you should choose us for your pool project:

  • Expertise

  • Craftsmanship

  • Collaboration

  • Safety First

  • Quality

  • Client-focused

Ready to Transform? Embrace Enduring Beauty with Golden Landscapes

Golden Landscapes invites you to embrace enduring beauty and create a space of relaxation and serenity for years to come. Contact us today to get started on your pool stonework project!


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Super impressed and extremely satisfied with the outcome!

"James came out asked what I liked, customized a design, and his crew put it together very quickly. Super impressed and extremely satisfied with the outcome!"

-Josh G.

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